Monday, August 2, 2010

A Recent List of Oddities #7

It's been a little while. But I'm back with one of these.

1. People are more inclined to sneeze their mucous into their own hand than to touch other things that are less dirty.

2. If you get your fingers stuck in a bowling ball, a wonderful option to help get your fingers unstuck is salad dressing. No joke.

3. It is safer to stay in the car of an elevator than to escape from its top when it is falling.

4. It's more dangerous to drink and walk than it is to drink and drive.

5. Psychologists have found that it's the the least capable people who tend to be the most overconfident and speak out in a crowd. Explains some of the group leaders I've worked with.

6. Babies don't produce tears until 3 months.

7. The sharpest knives in the world are not made of stainless steel but of a ceramic that is second in hardness next to diamond. The material to make the blade can only be found in Australia. Metal has been installed in the knife to prevent terrorists from sneaking them through metal detectors.

8. Kellogg invented and served cereal at a mental institution because it doesn't have any properties that stimulates brain activity.

9. The funny thing about democracy is that people vote mostly for what is relevant to them, and not so much what is relevant to the entire country.

10. Alexander Graham Bell first tried to make popular the greeting of "Ahoy" when you answered the phone. Unfortunately, "Hello" snubbed it out.

11. I never had won a game a poker until I walked into my very first tournament. I won the entire tournament not knowing how to play tournament style and never having won a whole poker game. I'm not bragging. It was really weird.

12. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were cheerleaders. In fact a bunch of famous people were! SAMUEL L. JACKSON even!*

14. The youngest mother to ever be recorded? 5 years old. Her sexual reproductive organs developed crazy-pre-maturely by the age of 3. She did not have a child later until she was 33.

15. Charles Darwin actually graduated from Cambridge University in the Clergy to be a minister.

*A full list of famous cheerleaders can be found here:

Is the real world as real as they say it is? Or is it as strange as it seems? TM

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