Sunday, September 14, 2014

20 Things I Have Come to Realize

1. No matter how ideal or realistic anyone is, human ideologies are constantly a war waging,  or maybe a negotiation of peace between them - this is where love might be a dance.

2. Comparison to others is a slippery slope where the self-fulfilling prophecy waits at the bottom.

3. The older you become, the more you are aware of just how big the monster of life can get.

4. Non-confrontational people make poor diplomats.

5. Uninformed semantic knowledge leads to some heinous leaps of logic.

6. Everything is in process. Not a thing is static. Every single thing is comprised of molecules, of atoms, of particles, of electrons, shifting in a vast interstellar landscape produced by stardust and physical laws.  Every physical thing is a product of something else, destined to be recycled by means outside of our full comprehension. Not even a blackhole fully destroys everything.

7. Each individual Christian seems to exhibit doubt of an aspect of God's sovereignty. It comes out in their actions at times.

8. People make a great effort to see what they want to see. People double-dip into their delusions long enough to feel comfortable with them because they are commonplace or most convenient, but not because they are loosely correct. Be concerned with the common trend of affirmation in back-patting communities. The list of cognitive biases should also be recognized.

9. Like it or not, your contributions have a monetary worth. Your life is estimated in credit and risk. You have an impact on the economy even after suicide.

10. The best way to corrupt a person is to isolate someone and never have them confer with others until fully indoctrinated. It has been researched that cults use this tactic to bring others in.

11. Correlation does not imply causation.

12. Time is well-spent being upfront about what you want, so figure it out.

13. You have a limit to how kind you can be. No person is a doormat.

14. People make harmful estimations with the value of height and weight in other people and they will subconsciously treat you differently because of them. Be mindful of how people take advantage of you.

15. Dictionaries are descriptive, not prescriptive. Note that every word has its own weight and history in any given culture.

16. Our personality types greatly affect the impact of honest communication.

17. People chase safety or experience, or both - usually both.

18. Perfection is the right degree of imperfection in our human landscape.

19. The ideal Siracha-to-easy mac ratio is determined in the darkness of the orange color produced.

20. Picking your battles is important. Choose wisely.

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